A divorce is a legal process whereby a marriage is dissolved. It is often one of the most traumatic events a person can encounter in his or her life. Unlike other civil litigation that is frequently covered by insurance, divorce touches the things that are most precious to us and we all work our entire lives to acquire: our children, our homes, our retirement, and the like. Kay strives to provide every client with a high level of compassionate, personal service. She does not pass her cases to associate attorneys one party to the marriage is determined to end it, a divorce is essentially inevitable. It is very important to protect your legal interest by having an attorney to represent you.

A divorce is also often the biggest financial transaction a person will ever make. Kay’s goal for each case is to make certain the divorce is completed for the best possible outcome for each client. As post-divorce litigation is on the rise, she encourages divorce clients to “do it once, do it right”.

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